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Hi! I'm Janay!

I am the lead photographer of Janay Evalisce Photography! A 26 year old free spirited adventurer! My interest in photography began at about the age of 14/15 years old. I spent my corporate years working at office jobs but always knew I wanted to do something more, something to freeze time since exploring and memories are so important to me! Being in front of the camera was always my preference but once I got behind one, just to try it out to see.....I fell in love! I started doing as many free shoots as I possibly could on weekends while still working at a downtown law firm. Eventually, I started doing shoots for people starting at $35 for an hour and a half (crazy I know LOL), and saved up enough money for the right equipment. I had some shoots lined up so I did the crazy entrepreneur thing, took a chance on myself, and I left the corporate world to pursue this dream! Out of all of the memories I get to photograph my absolute favorite thing is couples! Catching unspoken sweet exchanges between two people head over heels for each other has me hooked! I am always genuinely excited to witness and photograph each couple's unique love the second an inquiry comes through!

Losing two of my best friends of 9 years has drawn me to freezing time every single day, as much as I can. I live with the driving force that life is indeed so short, so while we’re here let’s hold onto the moments we'd would wish we could get back. My motto is; Let’s not wait for the perfect moment embrace life, let’s live in these moments and celebrate them now, in whatever way they are! I love that our job is to romanticize your love - to show on the outside what you both feel on the inside. My most favorite part of it all is getting to make you two feel like rockstars in your own romantic, madly in love, messy, sweet, wild love story of two souls crossing paths in this one crazy, beautiful, life that we get. 

Why photography?

day time


dance floor 

let it snow!

asain Food

italian food

night time


in my seat



just a few of my favorite things

Meet Daniela!

WOuld you believe me if i told you that the first time i picked up a camera was for a wedding?

Hey you!! Can't wait to meet you, I'm Daniela! *insert rockstar hand emoji*
Truthfully photography was never something I ever thought I would do in my life but I love a challenge! I fell in love with it these last few years while I was thrown into it because of Janay lol (ask me about this story!) ! I never really saw myself as a creative person until photography. Growing up my life consisted of sports and music. I played basketball for 8 years, piano for 15 years, and drumming still currently since I was 8 years old!

I've tried to be good at anything I put my hands to! So naturally my ambition for hands on things led me to fall in love with photography! 

Picking up a camera at a wedding years ago for the first time and saying yes to this challenge has allowed me to meet so many amazing people! Being able to do something that I love while traveling throughout the states and out of the country to do so is insane!  

Fun facts about me:
I'm super competitive!
I was on the drum line in high school
I speak english but grew up in a home that spanish is the primary language
I didn't like sushi until I was about 20 years old (late bloomer I know LOL) 

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